Postgraduate in Fetal Medicine


Broadly, the concept of fetal medicine can be defined as the set of preventive and/or interventional actions carried out on the fetus during gestation.

The fetal medicine specialist works, in collaboration with other experts, with the aim of improving the health and well-being of both the mother-fetus pair during pregnancy and childbirth. This is achieved through early diagnosis, counseling, and treatment of complications directly affecting the fetus, as well as collecting samples for medical examinations (such as amniocentesis or chorionic biopsy) or performing intrauterine procedures aimed at offering the fetus a better life expectancy.

The increase in available information on fetal pathology, research, and the growing technological development has increased proficiency in managing maternal-fetal complications and requires healthcare professionals to have increasingly specialized mastery and knowledge in the field.

Objective Audience

Healthcare professionals specialized in gynecology and obstetrics, with a minimum experience in maternal-fetal medicine, who wish to undergo a high-level update and in-depth training to enhance their daily practice.


General Objective

To train specialists in the management of high-risk pregnancies, with an emphasis on the diagnosis, management and treatment of the most relevant fetal congenital malformations and pathological conditions.


Teaching Structure

The postgraduate program in Fetal Medicine consists of a theoretical-practical online component and an on-site practical component.

Module 1 – Fetal morphologic and genetic diagnosis

Module 2 – Doppler and placental pathology

Module 3 – Fetal neurosonography

Module 4 – Fetal ecocardiography

Module 5 – Fetal pathology and surgery


Each module consists of the following learning components:

  • Online classes by experts with a clinical-based approach
  • Online clinical-cases to promote open discussion among participants
  • Masterclasses  by leading experts
  • Exam on acquired knowledge
  •  Live hands-on tasks
  • Assessment of practical skills