Patología Fetal : Diagnóstico y manejo Perinatal [ENG]


The advances that are being made in the evaluation of the foetus are modifying the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities, allowing a progressive refinement of the diagnosis of congenital anomalies. This makes continuous updating essential for a correct and complete estimation of the prognosis and clinical management of the problems detected in accordance with the available evidence and the most recently accepted lines of action by international foetal medicine and therapy groups. The updating of care protocols or the decision to follow an algorithm of action for certain pathological situations must be the result of the analysis of the latest available data. The course is structured to achieve this fundamental objective. Fetal pathologies are presented according to a common presentation scheme, with abundant iconography and illustrative videos, followed by discussion between experts and attendees in order to delve deeper into the most advanced and/or controversial aspects, so that the key points of diagnosis and management can finally be established according to the current evidence, in a concise and clinical practice-oriented manner.

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