Infecciones en Medicina Maternofetal [ENG]


Maternal infections can have a major impact on maternal and foetal health, but are often largely unknown to the obstetrician in general. At the moment there are important developments in this field that require an update, such as the recent Zika virus epidemic, with the capacity to seriously affect the foetus, the new prenatal prognostic parameters in cytomegalovirus infections and new possible intrauterine treatment strategies, or the new evidence on the efficacy of the dTpa vaccine during pregnancy and the best time for its administration. The course also provides an update on chronic viral infections during pregnancy (HIV and Hepatitis B and C), new treatment guidelines and the foetal repercussions of maternal treatments. The course programme also includes a practical review accompanied by iconography for the differential diagnosis of genital ulcers and a practical approach to what should be done in situations of contact with the pregnant woman in cases of tuberculosis or exanthemic diseases with foetal risk.

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The basic price of the course is 120€. The diploma can be downloaded in PDF directly from the campus upon completion and passing the exam.

Diploma sent by post, 132€.