Enfermedad Placentaria, Crecimiento Intrauterino Restringido y Preeclamsia [ENG]


Despite being among the most classic obstetric complications, knowledge on PE and intrauterine growth restriction has been substantially renewed in recent years. Advances in the management of these complications, including prediction, integrating the notions of early and late onset disease and counselling on the long-term impact on maternal and foetal health. A correct knowledge on the part of professionals also leads to a better knowledge of the pregnant women, which may improve perinatal outcomes in women with this complication. Fetal Doppler fetal monitoring remains a mainstay of clinical management, but its correct use is still a challenge for the specialist. These needs are solvable with a programme such as the one proposed: focused on clinical case resolution, in which the student, by answering questions during the case presentation, learns from supervised decision making.

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